Princess Manners Tea Party

Ages 4 - 9 years

PRINCESS MANNERS TEA PARTY What young lady wouldn’t like to learn what it takes to be a royal.

Every young lady needs to learn the basics associated with having proper manners in the world and what better way to learn than with a tea party? Tea is a social beverage and, as any social situation, it calls for manners. In fact, the ceremonies of teatime can raise our manners to the pinnacle of refinement. Its charm lies in the little niceties that are associated with the eating and the drinking of the tea service as well as the socializing and conversation. Each girl will take home a tea cup to remember the occasion.

ENROLLMENT FEE: 2 Hours-$200 (Tea party refreshments included)

Join us for a workshop that your princess will never forget. Young ladies may come in princess attire or just a nice tea outfit. Light refreshments served. 

Proper attire for a tea and formal occasions

Making an entrance and looking confident

Proper posture when walking and sitting down

Walking like a lady

Knowing how to introduce yourself Knowing how to start a conversation with new friends

Greeting adults

Making eye contact when talking with people

How to join in conversation

How not to interrupt

Table manners

How to use your utensils

Proper Tea etiquette

How to ask for more of something

What not to do at the table

Using courteous words- “Thank you” “Your welcome” “Please” “and “No thank you”

The proper way to excuse one-self from the table

Being a great guest at someone's home or party

What to say and do when you are leaving someone’s home or party