F.R.I.E.N.D.S - Girls & Boys

Ages 7 - 11 Years


This workshop focuses on girls and their friendship issues. It’s very important to have good friends and to be one too. But what do you do when a friendship hurts? In this workshop, your kids will get advice for solving friendship problems. Every kid has what it takes to be a great friend and to choose friends who are right for them. True friendships are a two-way street. ENROLLMENT FEE: $200 for 2 hour workshop (light refreshments served)

Workshop discussion:

• Making new friends

• Introducing yourself to new friends

• How to have a conversation

• Taking turns and sharing

• Greetings, eye contact & the importance of smiles

• Things that show good manners

• Patience and why we don’t interrupt

• The importance of “excuse me” “please” & “thank you”

• Being the perfect play date & how to get invited back!

• Party Manners Restaurant Behavior

• How to set a table properly

• What not to bring to the table (games, toys, cell phones, i-pads)

• How to sit at the table

• How to use your napkin properly

• How to use utensils properly

• How to cut your food properly

• Eating with your mouth closed

• Eating 1 bite at a time

• Not talking with food in your mouth

• The proper way to eat bread

• Learning to say “no-thank you” vs. “I don’t like this”

• Excusing yourself from the table

• Cleaning up after yourself

• The importance of thanking the host

*Lunch is provided so they get a chance to practice their table manners