Ages 7 - 12 Years

This one of a kind workshop offers boys and girls an opportunity to learn about proper social skills in any dining situation.

During this class they will learn the importance of proper dining, dinner conversation and other simple courtesies that will help them become more confident at any table. In addition, the kids will be instructed on how to place their own orders and will be guided on proper setting and use of their utensils.

ENROLLMENT FEE: $200 for 2 hour class (meal is included)


Being a proper guest:

  • Respecting dress codes
  • Proper greetings and introductions when you come to the table
  • The art of table conversation
  • How to sit properly
  • When to sit
  • when to start eating
  • Pacing yourself while eating

Restaurant etiquette:

  • Using “please” & “thank you”
  • The importance of expressing gratitude
  • Do’s & don’ts of dining
  • Ordering on your own
  • How to get a waiters attention
  • Dealing with problem food
  • Requesting additional items
  • Passing food
  • What is a tip?

Dining with style:

  • How to set a table properly
  • Using utensils and napkins properly
  • Proper way to eat bread
  • The Continental vs. American style of eating
  • Eating quietly
  • How to handle difficult foods
  • Proper way to eat soup
  • Excusing your self properly
  • Cleaning up after yourself
  • Expressing gratitude to the host.