Confidence Is Cool

Ages 7 - 12 Years

This 3 day workshop is a great way to give your children the skills they need to succeed in the world today! Through interactive games and role-playing, kids learn amongst their peers the importance of good behavior, confident body language, proper handshake, and much more. The class concludes with an in-class “dinner party” where their dining skills are put to the test. (meal included on day 3)

ENROLLMENT FEE: $350 for 3 classes/6 Hours of instruction;

Each class is 2 hours


Meet & Greet Essentials

Proper handshakes

First impressions & building confidence

Positive attitudes

The basics of face to face interaction and good body language

Conversation skills- choose your words carefully, using tact

Answering questions with more than 1 word answers

Polite introductions

How to give and receive compliments

How to use courteous words- “please,” “thank you,” “excuse me” and “may I”

Making Life More Pleasant for Everyone

The importance of being thoughtful and how to incorporate it into everyday life

How to handle mistakes, using tact, sincere vs. Insincere apologies Showing courtesy to friends and family members

Good Sportsmanship How to handle a bully

Cell phone manners & knowing when to put it away

Being respectful around guests and not overusing video games, computers etc.

Giving and receiving gifts

How to write a proper thank you note and what it says about you if you don’t

Dining in & out

Party do’s & don’ts

How to be a great host & guest

Restaurant behavior

Posture at the table

Napkin Rules 

How to use it, where to put it

How to set the table properly

How to use utensils properly

Continental vs. American style of eating

Eating with your mouth closed

The no elbows rule

Breaking bread rules

The proper way to eat soup

Not complaining about food

How to excuse yourself Using “please”, “thank you” and “no thank you”

For More Information regarding this class please call our main office number at 203.286.6106