Back to school skills workshop

Ages 7 -12 years


Get your kids ready for the new school year with this Back to School skills prep class that will teach them how to start the new year off right. They will learn how to make a good first impression with their new teachers, how to stay organized, secrets to being a good student, tips on how to make new friends, lunchtime protocol and good sportsmanship all year around.

ENROLLMENT FEE: $200 for 2 hour class (Refreshments served)

Workshop highlights:

Preparing for school What to do the night before Getting into good habits Making a good impression with your new teachers

How to introduce him/herself to new friends peers

How to be an effective listener

What to do if you don’t understand something or need extra help

The importance of raising your hand and asking questions in class

What to do if you forget your assignment or a book at school

Making new friends in the new year How to enter new groups of friends How to make sure you are not excluding others

What to do if you are having problems with friends at school

Making new friends to sit with at lunch Inviting others to sit with you so they don’t feel left out

Cleaning up after yourself

Good sportsmanship on and off the playground